Community Business Bureau revolutionises onboarding with Docusign Web Forms

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    Customers onboarded using DocuSign Web Forms so far
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    Hours of employee time saved

Community Business Bureau (CBB) is a dedicated social enterprise, empowering Australian not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) to elevate their operations through innovative salary packaging and dedicated business advisory support services. 

These service offerings allow CBB to work closely with their 800 NFP clients to enhance their business practices, attract and retain quality staff, and ultimately amplify their social impact. 

Boasting a 99.7% client retention rate and 100% new client satisfaction ratings across the organisation, CBB knows how to deliver impeccable customer service to their valued clients. 

As part of this high standard of service, CBB has cracked the code on smooth client onboarding process – something that has historically been their most resource-intensive task. 

For this piece, we spoke to Kyle Lloyd, Head of Business Improvement at CBB, exploring how Docusign Web Forms became a game-changer for CBB's onboarding process, streamlining operations and driving efficiency across the organisation. 

Onboarding challenges turned into opportunities

Signing up new clients can sometimes be a drawn-out process for CBB – with a backlog of NFPs to bring into the organisation a previous challenge for CBB. 

“Often, we’d be chasing our tail trying to get all the documentation in order. Some applications would come through without a signature, we might be missing a bank statement or a proof of debt. We’d need to circle back multiple times to gather the correct information to complete the onboarding process,” Kyle said. 

Discovering the power of Docusign Web Forms

CBB had been using Docusign within the business for a number of years, but after the successful integration with Microsoft Dynamics, CBB saw the true power of the technology come to life. The real breakthrough came when CBB onboarded a large client with 2000 staff members, who had some unique requirements. 

“The onboarding process was proving to be quite a challenge with this particular client as we didn’t have access to a lot of the data points needed to input into the system – this client needed a tailored approach compared to our usual ways of operating.” 

Here, Docusign Web Forms came to the rescue.

“We were searching for a workaround and we stumbled upon the Webform and I thought: Okay, this could be the answer we’re looking for. It actually ended up being the tool that we didn't know we needed!”

Despite the challenging two-week deadline to transition from their existing system to the webform, they successfully built and received approval for it in record time. 

"Docusign truly exceeded our expectations. The Webform was a shining light in a high pressure situation," Kyle said.

Seeing the impact flow through the organisation

Kyle notes that CBB has already earmarked the Docusign Webform to overtake their current online sign up workflow. 

“At the moment, our onboarding form is web-based and completely manual – the client will fill in their details and we’ll export this information into an Excel document, then manually type into our system. We’re so excited to see this entire process replaced with automation – especially after seeing the simplicity and success of our first client onboarding with Web Forms.”

Kyle explains, "It's now just a click of a button, rather than a time-consuming process, which our whole team loves. The self-serve model was pivotal, as it allowed clients to initiate and complete onboarding at their convenience.”

“When building the form parameters, we’re able to set limits and restrictions to ensure that the client details and supporting documents are inputted and uploaded correctly – which has helped us hit our accuracy targets and have completely removed the need for follow-ups to correct any errors.”

Boosting client satisfaction across the board

With over 1200 customers onboarded with Docusign Web Forms, the technology has played a pivotal role in transforming CBB's onboarding process, resulting in a boost to the stellar customer service the organisation is already known for. 

"Clients have been thoroughly impressed. The fact that they could simply post it on their intranet and move forward with their tasks has been a game-changer. We know simplicity is key to happy clients – and as we continue to expand our reach and work with a growing number of organisations, Docusign Web Forms will be an instrumental tool in our onboarding toolkit.”