Dynamic Methods accelerates innovation in real estate with Docusign

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    Hour median turnaround for signed agreements
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    Digital business
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    Million signed agreements sent via DocuSign so far

Founded in 2005 by David Howell, Dynamic Methods is an Adelaide-based real estate software company, helping real estate agencies work more efficiently. The team are behind well-known industry platforms like Forms Live, REI Forms Live, Realworks, and Inspect Live.

Delivering workflow and efficiency solutions for 16 years, Dynamic Methods has become the market leader in the property services and real estate industry. Providing up-to-date and digital versions of forms, with the latest legislation, meaning that real estate agents, property managers, and conveyancers have a one-stop shop for all real estate transactions.

Always at the forefront of innovation, seven years ago, Dynamic Methods decided to partner with Docusign and implement Docusign eSignature to streamline the agreement signing process.

“Docusign’s reputation and security were a big thing for us. Docusign is the de facto standard for the industry,” explains David Howell, Managing Director at Dynamic Methods. 

A better, more mobile friendly, customer experience

Before Dynamic Methods integrated Docusign into its platforms, users were not able to sign agreements remotely. This meant that property agents and buyers would have to meet face to face to complete the signing process. A commitment to continuous improvement saw the Dynamic Methods team integrate Docusign into their workflows to create a smooth and  convenient signing process.

“The integration with Docusign has been so seamless that our agents don’t even need to have direct interaction with Docusign for them to reap the benefits of eSignatures,” says David.

Integrating Docusign eSignature, allowed their clients to sign anywhere, on any device. This meant that during the pandemic, the adoption of Dynamic Method’s software spiked as clients were able to easily transact with health restrictions in place. 

A quick, smooth and error-free signing process

Dynamic Methods works closely with Real Estate Institutes (REI) in all Australian states, except Victoria, to ensure all forms comply with the latest regulations in each state and territory. 

In Victoria, Dynamic Methods worked with leading property lawyers to build Forms Live— a compliant form solution for the Victorian market. Since Forms Live is integrated with Docusign eSignature the turnaround time of real estate contracts and agreements is often within the same day or even minutes of the contract being sent. 

The flexibility of mobile signing also keeps staff in the field and negates the need for expensive, mistake-prone double-entry of data. 

“Docusign has helped reduce human error because of the edit and resend feature. So, if someone makes a mistake in the name or email address, you can resend a signature request,” David adds.  

The uptake of Docusign eSignature has been positive, with many agents and property managers wanting to know more and supporting the innovation as it gives them more freedom in their work.

“Docusign usage has almost doubled year-on-year and the time taken to receive a completed agreement has reduced by nearly half - We’re seeing more done in less time,” said David.

“About 1.6 million people interacted with Docusign through one of our platforms in 2021,” says David. “So many customers are benefiting from the convenience of remote signing.”

Creating opportunities for further innovation 

With contracts and agreements making up a significant part of the business, Dynamic Methods is always looking for ways to improve the experience of its clients. 

“We’re always improving and building to make life easier for agents and managers,” confirms David. 

The software business is looking to leverage other Docusign solutions, including Docusign Identify for ID verification, which they will be releasing on its platforms soon. 

“With the introduction of IDV, we want to make it as easy as possible to ensure best practice security processes are used within the industry,” says David. 

“Dynamic Methods is focused on fostering the proptech industry with compliance and best practice through the use of our open API, Docusign is an integral part of that,” says David.